Murder Scenes

Murder scenes from across the century. Whether it’s the death of an aristocrat or a humble servant, these cases all sent shockwaves across Victorian Britain.


The Murder Scene of Eliza Grimwood 1838 By Hannah Lund

The Red Barn Murder by Leah Parent

Lord William Russell Murder by Connor Moore

The Troubling Murder of Lord William Rusell by Kate Cameron


Christiana Edmunds, The Chocolate Cream Killer: Buying Poison by Samantha Schott


The Murder of Lord William Russell by David Benjamin Patterson

The Murder of Eliza Grimwood-Kaitlyn Mianowski

Not-So-Bloody-Murder of Lord William Russell by Mina Velickovic

A Cheating Husband, A Jealous Mistress and Two Murders by Kayla Hegarty

Murder of Lord Russell by Thomas Hunter

Mary Ann Cotton’s Execution by Jovana Blagovcanin