Geoffrey Edgson

“At the end of the day, you will regret what you have not done, more than you will appreciate what you have accomplished.” – Mark Twain

This quote means much to me because it represents most my failings in life, how I learned for them, and how I continue to live my life now. I am an Autistic 4th year Archaeology Student. I spent most of my early life trying to accomplish everything, or wanting to be as perfect as I could be. I would dwell on what I had not done more than what I did complete, and look at the past more than the future. Also, I would only stay in familiar surrounding, subjects and activities rather than branching out and doing more. This quote by Mark Twain reminds me to do more, experiment and explore throughout my life. And it reminds me that I cannot accomplish everything, so I need to celebrate and focus on what I have done more.

My roll as a digital editor is to…

work on every component that I am connect to in this project continuously to ensure it will have the best quality as possible. This is to ensure that the information my group has amassed will be reliable and easy to use by anyone looking to utilize it as a resource. Whether scholarly or for personal interest. Also, I have a personal goal to not obsess over impossible perfection or dwell on one small component and neglect the larger project.