Haikal Shariff

Pillars at the Grand Mosque In Dubai.
Pillars at the Grand Mosque In Dubai.

“I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.”

My name is Haikal Shariff, I am a 3rd year communications student from Mississauga, Ont. Besides being a student, I enjoy playing and watching sports , a movie enthusiast and also work as a graphic designer on the side.  I Chose this picture as it was taken by myself on a rect trip to Dubai as it captivated my eyes. as the structure and scenery was really eye pleasing.  The quote I chose is a quote from one of my favourite actors Denzel Washington who I find to be one of the most inspirational people as his story really amazes me.

My role as a Digital editor is to…

My role as a digital editor is the help the transcriptions of letters which have been allocated to each of my group members.  I have selected to transcribe one 6 letter which have been written  from Jan 13th 19434  through Nov 24. In addition as a digital editor I must set up  and create content on WordPress, once again for accessibility. In addition I must  also combine the letter that I have transcribed with my other group members, both during in my group and in class since we have all been assigned a letter in a specific year to transcribe

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