Jamie Lutwak

A beach in Puerto Plata

“Somebody told me that this is a place where everything’s better and everything’s safe” – Karen Roe

My name is Jamie Lutwak and I am currently enrolled in my third year of communications studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. I’m originally from Thornhill, Ontario. The picture above from a picture I took on a beach in Puerto Plata, this is a representation of my love to travel and relax. I have travelled to many different places such as Dominican Republic, Rome, Greece, Mexico, etc. My dream is to be able to travel to Thailand and indulge in their culture. The quote I provided is from my favourite show One Tree Hill, which is both an inspiration and a source of amusement for me. This has been one of my favourite shows for many years and I believe it is inspiring as makes you feel safe and happy in the environment that you are in and to always make yourself feel like that wherever you are.

My role as an editor is to…

transcribe documents to be readily available for whoever has an interest in them. I want to be able to shape the way that users understand and experience text.


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