Group 3: “Finances, Faith, and Family”

 The Letters of the Rev. Carroll H. Little to his   Mother, Candace Little, from January 8 – July 30, 1933

Portrait of C.H. Little in Waterloo, Ontario
The Rev. C. H. Little.

Project Description
This project analyzes, transcribes, provides context, and presents a collection of letters that the Rev. Carroll H. Little (1872-1958) wrote to his mother, Candace Little (nee Herman) (1848-1947), throughout the year 1933.  To give more context to these letters and to the project as a whole, we have included annotations with each transcribed letter and have also created blog posts that look into the life of C. H. Little, the history of Waterloo during the 1930s, as well as the transcription and digital editing process.  The transcriptions, as well as the blog posts, which can be found under the “Learn More” section, are found below.  Links to our individual author pages are also below, where you can find out more about our team.

Our edition aims to…
make C. H. Little’s letters and legacy known and accessible to scholars, students, publishers, and anyone who is interested in the social history of residents living in the City of Waterloo during the Great Depression, the history of Lutheranism in Canada, as well as the early days of Wilfrid Laurier University and Waterloo Lutheran Seminary.  We want whoever views our project to engage with, reflect on, and learn from the personal discourse of a son, husband, father, pastor, professor, and writer who lived in a different time.

Faculty and Students of WLS, 1922-1923
Faculty and Students of the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada and Waterloo College School in front of Willison Hall, Waterloo, 1922-1923.

January 8, 1933
January 15, 1933
April 23, 1933
May 14, 1933
July 9, 1933
July 30, 1933

Learn More
The Great Depression in Canada
A Personal and Family History of the Rev. Carroll Herman Little (1872-1958)
The Written Works of C. H. Little
Text Analysis of C. H. Little’s Letters using Juxta Commons
A Personal Reflection on the Transcription Process
Waterloo Region in the 1930s

Project Digital Editors
Jamie Lutwak
Graham Burt
Crystal Kim
Colin Clarke
Dylan Nadeau
Shannon Johnston


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