Group 6: C.H Little to Candace Little February to May 1936

Lutheran Seminary

Project Description 

The edition we are creating includes transcribed and digitized versions of Carroll Herman Little’s letters to his mother, Candace Little from February to May 1936. This project will impact all historians and scholars researching historical events during the year of 1936, from a Canadian context – specifically in the Waterloo region.

Our edition aims to…

  1. Transcribe the letters from C.H. Little to Candace Little (February-May 1936).
  2. Make the letters accessible online (DH300 WordPress website) and further improve the quality of searching and browsing.
  3. To engage the public to interact with C.H. Little’s letters in new ways through our homepage, author pages, transcription pages, and content pages.
  4. Giving readers the opportunity to link the letters from different years to provide context of C.H. Little’s life.

Transcription Pages

February 16th, 1936

March 29th, 1936

April 5th, 1936

April 26th, 1936

May 10th, 1936

May 24th, 1936

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Reflective Process

Life of a Teacher


Project Digital Editors

Denise Lum

Reese Foegele

Raquel Romeo

Shayne Connors

Anastasia Smith

Krista Haapanen

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