Dictes Gac

Transcription by: Sarah MorelliPatryk Smiarowski

Unfortunately images of these texts cannot be reproduced.  Please find the original copies of the four versions of the text by following these links: 1477, 1480, 1489, 1528.


Gac’s section from Dictes and Sayeings of the Philosophres.  Collated version tracking the differences between the four editions of this text (1477, 1480, 1489, 1528).


GAc sayd he that can not refrayne his  Ire hath no power ouir his witte And said a wyse king or a prince ought not to make comparisons nor dispute in discrecion With a greter and myghtier than he is And said whan a kyng or a prince hath conquered and ouer(1)    1489: doeth come his ennemyes he ought to maynteyne them in Iustice + in goode custumes and liberalite and pacience + And so may be make of ennemyes his frendes And said yf(2)    1528: om. a king or a prince assembled(3)    1480: assemble an outrageous tresour and dispende(4)    1528: dyspysed it not as (5)    1480: at as it apparteyneth he shal lefe both it and his Royaume(6)    1528: realme And saide + the people ar to the kyng as the wynde to a grete fyere + for the more the wynde is + the strenger is the fyere And saide a kyng or a prince ought to knowe thoos that wele and truly haue serued him and establishe thoos a boute hym self after thaire(7)    1477, 1489, 1528: om. trouth witte and connyng and ought to yeue and be bountewous vnto theym aftir theyr merites + And if he be geue by wil to noughty folkis(8)    1489, 1528: folke that haue not deserued  it , it puteth a weye the courage of his goode sernauntis + to serue hym wele any lenger + and so shal he be hastely(9)    1480: om. so full of noughty people that when he wolde he can not be delyuerede of theym And said it is conuenient for a kyng or a or a prince to lerne and knowe but not all for there is many thinges that a kyng or prince ought not to knowe nor understande

Annotations   [ + ]

1.    1489: doeth
2.    1528: om.
3.    1480: assemble
4.    1528: dyspysed
5.    1480: at
6.    1528: realme
7.    1477, 1489, 1528: om.
8.    1489, 1528: folke
9.    1480: om.