Dictes Preface

wHere it is so that euery humayn(1)   1528 om. Creature by the suffrannce of our lord god is bornn and ordeigned to be subgette and thral vnto the stormes of fortune And so in diuerse and many sondry wyses man is perplexed(2)   1528: plexid with worldly aduersitees / Of the whiche I Antoine wydeuille Erle Ryuyeres / lord Scales etcetera haue largely and in many diffirent maners haue had my parte And of hem releued by thynfynyte grace and goodnes of our said lord thurgh the meane of the Mediatrice of Mercy / whiche grace euidently to me knowen and vnderstonde hath compelled me to sette a parte alle ingratitude / And droof  me by reson and conscience as fer as my wrecchednes wold suffyse to gyue therfore synguler louynges and thankes / And exorted me to dispose my recouerd lyf to his seruyce / in folowing his lawes and commandements / And in satisfaccion and recompence of mynn Inyquytees and fawtes before donn / to seke and excecute the werkes that myght be most acceptable to hym / And as fer as myn fraylnes wold suffre me I rested in that wyll and purpose Duryng that season I vnderstode the Iubylee and pardonn to be at the holy Appostle Seynt Iames in Spayne whiche was the yere of grace a thousand + CCCC + lxxiij. Thenne I determyned  me to take that voyage and shipped from southamptonn in the moneth of Iuyll the said yere / And so sayled from thens til I come in to the Spaynyssh see there lackyng syght of alle londes / the wynde beyng good and the weder fayr / Thenne for a recreacion and a passyng of tyme I had delyte and axed to rede somme good historye And among other ther was that season in my companye a worshipful gentylmann callid lowys de Bretaylles / whiche gretly delited hym in alle vertuouse and honest thynges / that sayd to me / he hath there a book that he trusted I shuld lyke it right wele / and brought it to me / whyche book I had neuer seen before + and is called the saynges or dictis of the Philosophers + And as I vnderstande it was translated out of latyn in to frenshe by a worshipful man callid messire Jehan de prouost of parys Whan I had heeded and loked vpon it as I had tyme and space I gaaf therto a veray affection + And in especial by cause of the holsomm and swete saynges of the paynems / whyche is a glorious fayr myrrour to alle good cristen people to beholde and vnderstonde + Ouer that a grete com forte to euery wel disposed saule / It speketh also vniuer sally to thexample + weel and doctryne of alle kynges prynces and to people of euery estate / It lawdes vertu and science / It blames vices and ignorance + And al be it I coude not at that season ner in al that pilgremage tyme haue leyzer to ouersee it wele at my pleasure + what for the disposicions  that belongeth to a taker of a Iubylee and pardon + And also for the grete acqueyntaunce that I fonde there of worshipful folkes / with whom it was sittyng I shold kepe good and hoonest companye / yet neuertheles it rested styl in the desyrous fauour of  myn de / entendyng vtterly to take therwith gretter  acqueyn taunce at som other conuenyent tyme + And so remaynyng in that oppynyon after suche season as it lysted the kynges grace comaunde me to gyve myn attendaunce uppon my lord the Prince + and that I was in his seruyse / whan I had leyser I loked upon the sayd booke + And at the last concluded in my self to translate it in to thenglyssh tonge / wiche in my Iugement was not before + Thynkyng also ful necessary to my said lord the vnderstandyng therof + And leest I coude not at al tymes be so wele ocupied or sholde falle in ydlenes / whan I myght / now and thenne I felle in hande with all And drewe bothe the sentence and the wordes as nygh as I coude / Neuertheles I haue seyn and herde of other of the same bookes whiche difference and be of other inportaunce / And therfore I drede that suche as shold liste to rede the translacion and haue veray intelligence of ony of thoos bookes / eyther in latyne or in frenshe sholde fynde errours in my werke / whiche I wold not afferme cause of the contrary / But allegge the deffaulte to mynn vnconnyng / with the dyuersytees of the bookes / humbly desyrynng the reformacion therof with myn excuse / and the rather syn after my rudenes not expert / I in my maner folo wed my copye and the ground I had to speke vpon / as here after ensiewis.


[c4]1480 om.

[c5]1528: reueled

[c6]1480 om.

[c7]1528: drone

[c8]1528: loues

[c9]1480: thankes to god

[c10]1528: M.

[c11]1480 om.

[c12]1480: determynyng

[c13]1480 om.

[c14]1480: at

1528:  [c15]Iully

[c16]1489/1528: came

[c17]1528: om.

[c18]1480: hadde; 1489/1528: had

[c19]1480 om.

[c20]1480: Teonuille somtyme

[c21]1528: destouteuille

[c22]1528: redde

[c23]and well

[c24]1528: paynes

1489/1528:  [c25]example

1528:  [c26]disposycyon

[c27]1489/1528: of my

[c28]1489/1528: greete

[c29]1528 om.

[c30]1528 om.

[c31]1528 om.

[c32]1528: nyght

[c33]1480: haue sithen

[c34]1528: afferme by

[c35]1489/1528 om.

Annotations   [ + ]

1.    1528 om.
2.    1528: plexid