Dictes Zalquinus

Transcription by: Sarah MorelliPatryk Smiarowski

Unfortunately images of these texts cannot be reproduced.  Please find the original copies of the four versions of the text by following these links: 1477, 1480, 1489, 1528.


Zalquinus’s section from Dictes and Sayeings of the Philosophres.  Collated version tracking the differences between the four editions of this text (1477, 1480, 1489, 1528).


ZAlquinus sayde + that men receyue grete benefices dayly of god(1)    1528 om., oure creatour al be it that they be synners then(2)    1489, 1528: than they be bounde + to thanke hym for hys graces + and to aske hym pardon for thayr(3)    1489: their trespasses/ And said many thyngis seme right good + that be full badde + and after gretely blamed/ + And many thynges be dispraysed in the begynnyng + that afterward/ben founden goode and desyred And sayde bettyr it is to the to haue grete necessyte than to borowe of him in whom thou hast noo truste. And sayde yf thou labour to teche a fole the more shal soyle encrece. And sayd I merueylle(4)    1480: merucil(5)    to marvel or wonder about of thoos that absteyne them from metys noyng to the body and maketh noon abstynence of fynne And sayde multeplye sylence for that auoydeth(6)    avoid perylles and vse trouth Which dysciplyne shal maynteyne the and thy werkys and he that wole wele kepe the feyth ought to lene to his frende of his goode. And to be gracyous to them that he knoweth  good and no denyer of Iustice to his enemye/ and to eschewe(7)    to avoid or abstain from all thingis that toucheth disworship(8)    1528: dysworthy

Annotations   [ + ]

1.    1528 om.
2.    1489, 1528: than
3.    1489: their
4.    1480: merucil
5.    to marvel or wonder about
6.    avoid
7.    to avoid or abstain from
8.    1528: dysworthy