Group 2: Non-Medieval Studies Majors

A depiction of William Caxton.
A depiction of William Caxton who introduced the print pressing, on which the Dictes and Sayeings of the Philosophres was produced, to England. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Project Description

This group was the group made up of those who are not Medieval Studies majors.

The text we are working with is Anthony Woodville’s Dictes and Sayeings of the Philosophres, and we are collating four editions of this text (1477, 1480, 1489, 1528), all from digital copies provided by EEBO (Early English Books Online).

Our edition aims to . . .

  1. Increase accessibility of the text for other scholars as well as the general public.
  2. Increase the search-ability of the text.
  3. Provide insight into the changes that can occur as new editions of a text are produced.
  4. Provide context for others by defining unknown words or phrases within the text.
  5. Develop collaborative skills through transcribing the text, collating the text, and publishing the project as a group.









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Project Digital Editors

Geoffrey Edgson – Omer

Andrew Frey – Pitagoras

David B. Patterson – Salon and Sabyon

Patryk Smiarowski – Gac and Zalquinus

Nathan Spohn – Ypocras


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