Group 1: Transcription of C.H. Little’s Letters (January-June 1932)

C.H. Little and other Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada faculty, 1920-1921
C.H. Little and Seminary Faculty 1920-1921 (Left to right, standing: Dr. Dehn, Hugh Whitteker. Seated: C. H. Little, Austin A. Zinck, Emil Hoffmann, Nils Willison, Heinrich Henkel.)

Project Description:

The edition to be transcribed for this group includes a collection of letters written by C.H. Little to his mother from January to April 1932. During this time period, there were 6 letters written by C.H. Little: January 17, February 28, April 24, May 1, May 15, and June 5, 1932. In these letters, Little discusses subjects like the weather, Seagram Distillery, Bridgeport, his family, the Synod, and many other issues of the time. Please explore our content pages by clicking the links below to learn more about some of the things that he has discussed in our set of letters.

Our edition aims to…

  1. Create digitally accessible files that are searchable and provide context for others.
  2. Develop a sense of group responsibility and teamwork skills, by working together to create and publish a collaborative project. 
  3. Transcribe these letters in hopes of educating people in the subjects surrounding the letters and the history of Laurier, the community, and its’ history. 


January 17, 1932 – Transcription Page

February 28, 1932- Transcription Page

April 24, 1932 – Transcription Page

May 1, 1932 – Transcription Page

May 15, 1932 – Transcription Page

June 5, 1932 – Transcription Page

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Project Digital Editors

Nicole Stumpf– January 17, 1932

Sophia Grande-Lawlor – February 28, 1932

Emily Neeb – April 24, 1932

Matthew Dayman – May 1, 1932

Mira Busscher – May 15, 1932

Brianne Desmarais – June 5, 1932